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Our craftsmen explore the world just like our founder by being “open and curious to everything”. We experience life to innovate and create with an open-minded and joyful attitude, we dare to think outside the square and embrace new flavours and trends. We pair this passion & joy with our gastronomical know-how and eye for detail.

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All Movenpick flavours, textures and colours are owed exclusively to natural ingredients
Only the very best, selected with reat care from the best sources that the world can offer.
The selected ingredients are always processed in a natural manner without artificial additives, artificial flavourings or artificial colours.
The reward is a subtlety that no ordinary ingredients can match.

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The perfect


Nature's Best


We put a secret ingredient in everything we do.

Care, purity, passion and joy all combine to form our Alpine Spirit: The way we take care of our cows Matilda, Sophie and Candy, the one that inspires us to passionately pick the right natural ingredients to craft every
Mövenpick Ice-Cream.

Let’s enjoy Mövenpick Ice-Cream one spoon at a time.

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